What’s Really Happening out There?

The Real News Network – no ads, no interviews with people mouthing the official narrative.  Can be viewed on YouTube.  Website

The Jimmy Dore Show – if your sensibility is not offended by some profanity.  Jimmy is a comedian who is really “p…d-off” about what is going on in the world.  View him on YouTube.

Abby Martin – her website Empire Files was taken down because her stories are too powerful, but you can see her work on You Tube.  Her website The Empire Files has been shut down.

Greg Palast – his film “The Best Democracy Money Can Buy” is a must-see.  For years he has been investigating election fraud.  He can be found on You Tube and at his website.

Thom Hartmann – An advocate for Move to Amend and one of the first people to raise my awareness.  His book “Unequal Protection” gives the best information on how corporations got personhood.  His website.

Richard D. Wolff – Prof. of Economics, he is able to make the subject understandable.  His many interviews are available on YouTube.   Also has a website.

Russian Television (RT) and now RT America are available both on Dish (channel 280) and Direct TV (channel 321).  It is not propaganda for Russia or against the US.  Information is available here that is not found in the mainstream media.  Also have website.